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Why Your Business Should NOT Grow

Forget about meetings. They are toxic. Don’t plan too much. Don’t hire people based on resume. This is only a few examples of unusual advice from 37signals owners– creators of Basecamp (project management tool), Ruby on Rails (online framework for programming), Highrise (contact managing tool) and many others.

They have created a great company and earned a lot of money on software in cloud. The book written by them is called “REWORK” and it helps you see the business world in a slightly different way.

What would you do, if your boss told you “leave work at 5 PM and go spend time with your family” or “you are responsible for marketing” (even if you are an IT guy)? 37signals’ theses are brave and some of them seem to be too difficult to execute in the real world, but when you read them you might think “wow, this is good, they are right, I have never thought about it that way”.

Few examples:

  1. “You don’t create culture” – you cannot create culture in your company and then execute it. At the beginning company has no culture. It will come with time. People will naturally build it and afterwards, you will know who to hire to be most suitable to your enterprise.
  2. “Make half-product, not half-ass product” – if you know the lean startup methodology, you should remember that at the beginning of your business you should create MVP (minimum viable product). It doesn’t mean that you can launch buggy software and then fix it. It means that you should create a well-functioning solution with only few features. Each month you will increase the number of available options and you will do it smartly, changing only the things that bug your customers.
  3. “Press releases are spam” – they are boring, without emotions. You should employee a good writer and start blogging. Building audience and giving them relevant content will make your brand more recognized and build trust. Don’t waste time on useless messages.


Many people commented this book negatively on Amazon, but I like it. Some pieces of advice are quite original but I guess they work in a specific environment, which was created by 37signals. I like also their honesty. They don’t sell, they tell stories – about their winnings and failures and many situations from business. They are not afraid to say the truth and state their own opinion.

Read “REWORK”. It is not an academic book about business. Instead, they are classes from real life of entrepreneurs, who are focused on good products, effective work and satisfied customer – without beating around the bush. Why not see if you can apply some of them to improve your own company life?

Damian is an open minded guy, interested in positive psychology, coaching and self developement. And in his free time, he sails. Aye aye, Captain Salesman!

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