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3-D Secure – Advantages and Disadvantages for Merchants

Credit cardIf you are a merchant, you definitely care about the security of your online transactions. One of the ways to achieve that is implementing 3-D Secure. The name probably rings a bell but if not, let us give you a short summary of what it is, together with the advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

3-D Secure – Visa and MasterCard Security Standard

3-D Secure system is a set of security standards developed by Visa, but implemented also by other card organizations. The Visa system is called Verified by Visa and the MasterCard system is offered as MasterCard SecureCode. In a nutshell, if 3-D Secure is implemented then straight after entering customer’s card information, he or she is asked to enter a password which helps the card issuer to identify the card holder.

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3-D Secure – The Necessary “Evil”

We all know that high security is a must for every business. One of the ways to ensure the safety of your clients’ money is implementing 3-D Secure. But what does it mean from the technical side?

Thanks to PayLane’s implementation of the 3-D Secure technology, it is not merchants, but banks that are responsible for chargebacks in case of fraud transactions, on condition that:

To make it easier for merchants to use 3-D Secure, without requiring them to have in-depth knowledge of the whole authentication process, we have brought it down to 2 functions called through API.

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What every ebusiness should know about 3-D Secure

What’s your first thought when you hear “3-D Secure”? Well, unfortunately, I have to disappoint you – it has nothing in common with three-dimensional world. 3-D Secure adds another security layer to online payments.

This authentication method is based on a three domain model (that’s why it’s called 3-D). These three domains are:

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