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Wojtek is a pretty tall guy (2 meters / 6.56 feet) and doesn't talk much, so sometimes people think he looks down on them not only literally. But if you spend some time with him, you'll find out he's a really friendly person with a great sense of humor. Though still, at work (besides joking) he usually writes his code, sitting in the corner of the room with headphones on.

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Test account in PayLane’s system

testing account pl

About our test account

To accept internet payments using PayLane, the first step is to create a test account. From a Merchants point of view, this account is crucial in the process of integrating with the system. It also serves as the first stage in collecting documents and information, needed to create a production account.

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Developer Zone – PayLane for geeks!

What’s that?

Developer Zone is a special website dedicated to IT geeks. It contains everything that might be helpful when integrating with PayLane. Besides technical documentation, you’ll find there:

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3-D Secure – The Necessary “Evil”

We all know that high security is a must for every business. One of the ways to ensure the safety of your clients’ money is implementing 3-D Secure. But what does it mean from the technical side?

Thanks to PayLane’s implementation of the 3-D Secure technology, it is not merchants, but banks that are responsible for chargebacks in case of fraud transactions, on condition that:

To make it easier for merchants to use 3-D Secure, without requiring them to have in-depth knowledge of the whole authentication process, we have brought it down to 2 functions called through API.

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Jeff Bezos on brands and reputation

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

— Jeff Bezos

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About Blizzard Entertainment and PayPal

Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Entertainment, producer of epic game series such as Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft and owner of biggest online gaming service is partner with PayPal. PayPal will be added as a payment method on platform and will be payment service partner for the auction house in upcoming Diablo III. I think that was a natural course of things because, according to PayPal, over 70% of gamers are their clients.

This “news” is not that new, but it is worth mentioning, since Blizzard recently announced new feature called Balance.

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Do contactless payments also mean contactless theft?

Contactless cardIf you’re an owner of a credit/debit card that allows contactless payments (like Visa PayWave or MasterCard PayPass), you probably have worries like: “Can someone get my card data?” or, what’s even worse, “Can someone steal my money?“. And the answers here are: “Yes, he can” and “yes, he can“.

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Does size matter?

Many people ask this question, many people answer it. But there are still some doubts. So, let’s clarify this. Many people think that size doesn’t matter – the technique is the key. Ohh… that’s just terribly wrong. Size does matter, because it must be easy on the eye and we must feel confident and comfortable when operating with it.

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Will Smartphones Replace Your Wallet?

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NFC – hot or not?

The NFC, is the hottest technology… since the previous hot technology. It was developed to help people to communicate and share information on very (very!) small range. But is it just yet another information sharing technology? Well, yeah, but it’s not the technology itself that counts in this case, but all the companies standing behind it.

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Bump – useful technology or another redundant service?

Bump – a small application for iOS and Android devices which allows quick and simple information exchange. But how does it really work and what’s so special about it?

The idea is simple: we just need 2 phones (or iPods, tablets etc.) and some information to exchange. A well known scheme, but wait for it… cause here comes magic! You get some cool technology, which comes with a special application on your mobile device.

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