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6 Things Shoppers Want in Online Stores

There is no doubt that shopping online is quickly becoming one of the go-to methods for purchasing products. Buying online provides a fast and convenient way for purchasing goods from the comfort of your own home. However, many online retailers fail to meet the demands of their consumers, which in return affects their sales.

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It’s Christmas Shopping Time! How Can Your Business Benefit From It?

Credit CardAs we all know, Christmas is the time of family gatherings, celebrations, eating and… shopping. And even though there’s still over a month till December 25, it’s high time you got ready for the flood of customers. A recent survey conducted by Liveperson shows that  the majority of shoppers will do their shopping in November, while 29% will do it already in October! And what’s even better, they’re feeling more optimistic this year, which may result in higher sales. How can your e-shop benefit from the Christmas shopping spree?

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How To Make Women Trust You

Only 6.8% women trust online payments. This is the conclusion that Marzena Feldy, a PhD at Warsaw School of Economics, has come to. She analyzed a group of young people aged 18 to 34 as to their online shopping behavior. The research included both men and women but let us concentrate on women for the moment.

According to the research, women consider e-shopping too technical. Websites loaded with masses of products have been shown to cause information stress among women. It also turns out that women find contact with a shop assistant indispensable. They want to be sure that goods can be returned easily. Women also consider e-shopping boring. Surprised? Here is why. The interviewees claim that while shopping online they lack interaction with friends. There is no one around to discuss, advise or help make the final decision.

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