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How To Verify Company’s Trustworthiness?

A brand can be built using many methods. What you cannot do is not build it at all. Every business is working for their reputation by interacting with clients or partners. And it’s their opinions that usually are the most helpful when deciding about potential shopping or partnership. Most people prefer to use services recommended by their friend, so our clients’ satisfaction should be more valuable than any ad campaign, media coverage or strong market position.

How to help first time clients decide to use our services? What if we haven’t yet gained reputation of a trustworthy merchant and not all potential clients are determined enough to look us up on the internet (e.g. price comparison websites)? Of course, you can tempt them by lowering your prices, but in most cases buyers prefer to pay extra and be sure their transaction will go smoothly.

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Crisis? Not in the e-commerce industry

GlobeWhen I am reading news from the e-commerce industry, regardless of the country or the continent, it seems that it’s the only sector of the economy where crisis is not as noticeable. Hell, one might even say it’s actually… non-existent!

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22 Simple Tips To Prevent Chargebacks

Chargebacks are an inseparable part of running an e-shop and accepting online payments. However, there are certain steps you can take to minimise the risk of getting them, so take a look at the following list and protect your business from potential loss.


  1. Remember that clear information can save you a lot of money and trouble.
  2. Make sure that you provide your customers with all the possible contact information.
  3. Your contact details such as a physical address and a telephone number should be clearly visible on your website.
  4. Provide accurate descriptions and images of your products.
  5. Use a clear DBA (Doing Business As) name that customers will recognize.
  6. Put your phone number on your customers’ statements. If they do not recognize your DBA, they can call you to find out who you are and why you have charged them.
  7. Be clear with your return policy, as well as your shipping policies. Make sure that customers read the policies before their order can be processed.

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PayLane integrates with Magento!

Are you a Magento user? We have some great news for you!
PayLane has once again met with eCommercers expectations and presented a brand new extension for Magento, which allows online payment processing.

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New direction: e-commerce market in Central Europe

BasketRecently we attended Webit Congress & Expo in Sofia (Bulgaria). Many people are interested in Central European e-commerce market (or, being more general, the Internet market). Is this a part of Europe that’s open to cooperation? What are the experiences of businesses there? And what is the current state of development? So let’s take a look at two countries in this region: Romania and Bulgaria.

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Interview with Krzysztof Bartnik – editor in chief in

I waited patiently to interview Krzysztof Bartnik about his experiences running service and magazine.  I knew it would be worth it and then, finally,  he came through the door! He apologized but I know online vendors have a long queue of important things to do and think about work day and night.  Plus Krzysztof simultaneously runs an online service and a magazine for and about the Polish e-commerce sector, so he’s constantly training vendors, presenting at conferences and organizing national promotions like Free Shipping Day. But right now, he’s excited to talk about his e-commerce experiences.

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How Big Is E-commerce Industry?


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