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Is There Space In The Market For Another Communications Platform?

B2C Manager is a finalist of Startup Contest, which was held in Gdańsk, Poland in October. They have presented an interesting solution for business that can help with communication and sales of online companies. I have talked to Grzegorz Gwiazdowski, managing director of B2C Manager about their offering, why they participate in startup contests and what the future holds for the company.

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Running an E-Shop And Being a Mother? An Interview With

Are you tired of your job? Maybe you lost it? Have you considered starting your own business? Read our interview with Dominika Małecka-Buźniak about unusual circumstances in which she founded her e-shop

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From One Tweet to One Million $

Who wouldn’t want to be in Stacey Ferreira’s place? She responded to Richard Branson tweet, then met him with her brother in Miami and after a couple months the billionaire invested in their project. I talked to Stacey Ferreira, the co-founder of MySocialCloud about their product, security, history and future plans.

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Interview with Ramon Ray for Across the Board

Are you a small business technology geek? If not yet, you definitely have to talk to Ramon Ray – the most enthusiastic technology evangelist and a great source of knowledge about technologies for small businesses. He is also a funny interlocutor. We talked about the culture of running small business in the US and the rest of the world, about role of technology in small businesses and social media. Hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed interviewing Ramon.

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Interview with Guy Kawasaki

What prompted me to interview Guy Kawasaki? Well, first of all the very natural desire of meeting an author, to talk to the person who wrote something I’ve read or composed music I’ve listened to. That’s simple curiosity, I was interested what more can Guy say… Also, while reading “Enchantment”, some questions came up in my mind and I just couldn’t find right answers in the book. So, naturally, I had to ask the author! :) We talked about inspirations and enchantment process in SMB. But we also discussed Google Plus a lot – it’s the new Guy’s passion.

So make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy reading.

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Interview with Zaid Zawaideh – the co-founder of Sandglaz

Zaid ZawaidehLast week I wrote about Sandglaz – a great tool to manage your tasks. And because it fitted my needs so good, I thought why not talk to its authors? I guess it’s always nice to hear that someone there in the world likes what you did. Besides that, I was also curious how and why they created it, what was their goal.

And that’s exactly what I did. I contacted Zaid, who turned out to be a really nice guy, started talking to him and to my surprise – I suddenly had a small interview! And that’s what I’m posting today. If you read about Sandglaz last week and liked it, perhaps you’d be interested what its author says about it.

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