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9 Ways To Convince Potential Customers To Buy

ShopsAs a seller, you’ve got a wide range of products or services. They are of excellent quality. So why would your potential customers be struggling with the final decision? The answer is simple: there are thousands of sellers like you out there and you need to make sure to stand out so that these potential buyers become your customers. For the sake of this article, let’s just call them customers.

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Here are some good practices to incorporate into your business in order to convince your customers to buy from you:

1. Prepare appropriate and clear descriptions of the products or services you offer. Together with adequate prices. No hidden costs. Be specific and to the point. People like to know about the details which help them make proper decisions. Speak the language of benefits but be honest. Do not promise what you cannot keep. It is easy to fall in a “one-time customer” trap but avoid that path. Maintaining great relationships with your new customers will help you keep them for longer and, who knows, maybe will make them ambassadors of your brand. Moreover, show pictures of your products or services. Take good photos. If need be, hire a professional photographer. Assure your customers they are not buying a pig in a poke. Check out the JOY website to see some examples of great descriptions and detailed photos. 

2. Provide something more than is expected, a kind of bonus. People like bonuses. They help build positive emotions around your brand. They make customers feel happy and appreciated. As a result, the customers will strongly connect these positive  emotions to your brand and the chances are you won’t be forgotten. Add samples, use a creative packaging system, add a funny note or an additional feature your customer didn’t pay for but which might be useful for them. Essentially, do whatever it is to distinguish yourself from other similar sellers. Be unique and thoughtful but bear in mind to target your customers appropriately so there is no “faux pas”.


4. Give clear and detailed information about the shipping. What kind of details might your customers expect? First of all, they need to know about the costs and methods of shipping. Do not forget to include information about restrictions, provided there are such. Are you shipping overseas as well? Great! Make sure to include that. It is an excellent idea to provide your customers with the shipping status once they have made a purchase, especially if the goods you offer are expensive or even luxurious. Furthermore, it is a common practice to reward the ones who spend more than an average customer with a free shipping. 

5. Your customers must be informed about terms and conditions that rule in your world. Make sure these rules are simple, understandable and easily available to your customers so they do not have to spend time looking for them. Here is an example of the terms and conditions shared by LinkedIn (these are also called terms of service or user agreement). The terms have been divided into sections so the agreement is well manageable for the users of the platform. What to include in the document? Essentially, such information as general terms of use, payments, taxes and refunds or membership programs. Here’s the ulimate list of 8 Must-Haves for Terms of Service in your online business.

6. The same applies to privacy policy. Especially nowadays, with all that buzz around privacy, people are very careful about providing their personal data. It is extremely important you provide them with the full understanding of where this data goes. Notify your customers about the type of information you may collect and what exactly you share and with whom you share it. Be transparent. Here you can find 8 good practices for privacy policy in your online business.

7. Think of preparing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) zone. Take the example from Zappos which divided the zone into three meaningful sections. Also take a look at PayLane’s Support Page.

8. Ensure your company and your brand are well known for trustworthiness. Should you have any certificates, licenses or testimonials, show them on your website to the rest of the world. Build credibility from day number one. Check HERE how you can obtain the Verified Merchant status from PayLane.

9. Last but not least, be reachable! Provide the exact name of your company, contact details and time frames within which the customers may contact you. If you use social media to stay in touch with your customers, provide the specific link. Think of creating a chatroom and make sure to be available during office hours. In general, be easy to find. Here’s a good article about that: What Kind of Support Channels Should You Handle in Your Online Business?

To sum up, turning potential customers into your customers, and why not, faithful ones, is not an easy task to do. Although, if you prepare a solid action plan based on the above, you may be positively surprised with the results. Keep in touch with your customers. Support them during the whole process, not only in the beginning. Do not make mistakes. Deliver on time. Keep your promises. Make your employees be your brand ambassadors, too. Stand out from the crowds, go beyond regular, show your customers how much you care about them. If you show your customers loyalty, they will show you theirs. All your efforts will definitely pay off in the long term.

Special thanks for co-writing this post to Patrycja Bronk – fan of new technologies. Patrycja loves writing about things that inspire her. Passionate about project management and coaching. Brings the best out of the people from her entourage. Crazy traveler.

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