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Online marketplace vs e-commerce webpage – which one you should turn to?

You are trying to use your online presence and turn it into something more tangible than good reputation but you are not certain how to do it. If you are looking into increasing your revenue by not only offering but also selling your services online, you need to know that there are several roads you can take.

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11 Ways to Convince a Prospective Customer to Try out Your Service

The amount of freebies on the Internet got quite overwhelming.

Before a purchase is made, and a customer entrusts our service with their hard-earned money, they have the option to try out the product. It has become a standard nowadays.

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How to set a good price for your web product?

A good price doesn’t mean a low price. The price of your web product or service can’t be too high, because no one will pay that much, but it can’t be too low, because you won’t earn enough money on it. It has to be the right price for you, your business and your customers.

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What Is E-Commerce? (An Infographic)


To ease into the weekend and let your minds breathe, we have a wonderful infographic by Miva Merchant. Most “normal” people have an idea of what e-commerce is and what it does, but what is it REALLY capable of? Read statistics and definitions that will explain (with great design, of course) exactly what goes into e-commerce.

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Global e-business: How To Sell In Poland?

polish-ecommercePoland has quite a huge market for all kind of e-business owners. Located in Central Europe, with rapidly growing all kind of e-commerce metrics Poland is set to take over the e-commerce industry.  That’s why in this blog post we’re going to focus on what exactly is going on in Poland and why taking an interest in this country is worth your time.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Transaction Descriptors


Whenever a customer reads their card and/or bank statements, they most likely see dates and amounts of transactions, perhaps the account balance after each of them, and – depending on the bank – maybe some additional information as well. But among this data, they surely see transaction descriptors. As the name suggests, a transaction descriptor is meant to describe a particular payment in order to help to identify the transaction.

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5 Steps To Stop Chargebacks From Haunting Your Business

chargebacksIf you’ve ever looked into accepting online credit card payments (and chances are that you have, the “Pay” in “PayLane” isn’t there just for funzies), you probably fear chargebacks more than a one-on-one meeting with your mother in law. That’s what friendly fraud is – a monster in the closet that you never knew about. For merchants, processing card not present transactions (so basically, all online credit card payments) the risk of receiving chargebacks is daunting, and rightly so, since it can be quite costly. But there is only so much that you as a merchant can do to protected yourself against them – sure, you probably have the friendliest customer support team in the whole wide world and a well worded terms of service agreement, but is that enough?

Well, it is.. sometimes. The biggest risk for any online retailer is selling non tangible goods, which are becoming more and more popular with every minute. Internet stores are basically flooded with all things digital, whether it’s a subscription to a magazine or that awesome new MP3 that’s stuck in the back of your head. These purchases that we often make with the click of only a few buttons (heck, with all these one click purchases, who isn’t tempted?) are perhaps the root of the problem.

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5 ways to work less and get more customers

more customers, computer, e-commerce

Every seller’s dream is to have as much traffic that generates buys, as possible. However, achieving this is not as easy as it seems. A lot of people spent enormous amounts of money on advertising, all in order to bring more customers to their website. Why is it then, that the average rate of e-commerce conversion is somewhere between 1-5%? What are store owners doing wrong? 

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9 Ways To Convince Potential Customers To Buy

ShopsAs a seller, you’ve got a wide range of products or services. They are of excellent quality. So why would your potential customers be struggling with the final decision? The answer is simple: there are thousands of sellers like you out there and you need to make sure to stand out so that these potential buyers become your customers. For the sake of this article, let’s just call them customers.

Here are some good practices to incorporate into your business in order to convince your customers to buy from you: …

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How To Deal With Chargebacks

Nowadays, with constantly increasing number of online transactions and better consumer awareness (which is great!), it is important things are under control.

The cardholders are entitled to invoke a chargeback procedure. This may be carried out in the event their merchant does not perform a contract for the items they have paid for or when their card has been used for a non-authorized payment. While this option is extremely convenient and safe for the cardholders, it is less fun for the merchants to deal with such a request.

Agreed, it is the issuer bank’s duty to take this up, on the other hand, it will be the merchant who will be charged for each procedure. Unless they have strong arguments that the chargeback shouldn’t have been initiated in the first place.

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