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4 Easy Ways to Scare Your Customers Away

It’s easy to get too pleased with your website. Usually it takes a moment to have it running and once you have it, you’re more than happy that it’s on. That’s not the point that satisfies your customers, though.

They don’t expect your website to work. They expect it to work the way they like it. So make sure that you don’t give them reasons not to like it.


When your clients enter your website they enter YOUR WEBSITE. Usually they are there for a reason and unless you have something crucial to say, keep them focused on why their came to you. Pop-ups are a distraction. Also, think how many times you were browsing through the net, clicked a link and the next thing you remember was a frantic search for the mute button on your keyboard. Or, even faster, closed the tab and never went there again. Well, unwanted pop-up animations and audios are a particularly powerful repellent.


It’s not a bad thing in itself. Actually, it’s a good thing. But not from the very beginning. You need to make sure that you gave something to your customers and allowed them some time to look around before you ask them for anything. Chances are that with insufficient information about your business and an immediate registration form visitors will not trust you and never turn into customers.

Google Maps for the website navigation

It’s not enough to have people find your website – you need to make sure that they know how to use it so that they actually stay there. A clearly-designed menu should always be at hand. Remember that if your customers can’t find something immediately on your website, they will type it in into a search engine. And that will redirect them away from your business.

No contact

If somebody ignores your questions, you don’t usually wait until they start caring but you just ask somebody else, right? Well, this is exactly what will happen to your online business if you don’t provide contact data for your customers or provide them with unresponsive one. You will miss a client, their possible referrals and valuable feedback on your services. That’s way too much to lose.

Philologist with a deep belief in people that made her become account manager at PayLane. Searching for the most adequate support for our merchants she goes through whatever resources available – websites, encyclopedias, helpful colleagues' tips, comic books, and accountancy statements. Done with that, she looks for anything with the label "culture" on it.

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