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American Express Personal Cards

The first American Express credit card was issued in the 50’ of the XXth century. Today very few of us can imagine shopping without a credit card. We choose it, because it’s safer, because you don’t need to search for an ATM, because it’s simply more convenient.

American Express cards, among Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and JCB, remain one of the most popular in the world. But how to choose the best card from all those offers without getting a headache and feeling dizzy?

Let’s take a look what one of those most popular credit card brands can offer.

American Express (also called simply Amex) issues Personal Cards and Corporate Cards. They’re settled in two currencies: euro and USD cards are issued also in the United Kingdom (dollar cards are also issued in Latin and South America and in the Carribean). American Express offers a pretty wide range of card solutions for individual clients, and that includes:

Amex issues also the Centurion Card, which is available only by invitation. It’s a very rare card and its owners can expect unique services around the whole world. Its the most prestigious card that only few are able to get from American Express.

As Amex says, its customer support is available 24h a day, 7 day a week, allowing to access the account online from every place in the world.

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