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Top 3 Payment-Related Reasons for Abandoned Carts

E-commerce owners face numerous challenges in running their businesses. Low conversion rates, this really expensive website design that’s supposed to be failproof, and customer satisfaction constantly dropping for no apparent reason. Of course, every business is unique, yet these issues come up to a higher or lower extent in the majority of them. These and one more, that’s really difficult to fight unless you’ve determined the reason for it – cart abandonment.

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5 Amazing Tools to Boost Your Online Sales

The ecommerce industry will make as much as $2.8 trillion in sales this year, according to the Statista report. Whether you are in on the action or just beginning the adventure as an owner of a small business, doing everything by yourself, one thing is certain: keeping a watchful eye on the business and keeping it not only alive but also thriving may give you quite a headache.

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