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Bump – useful technology or another redundant service?

Bump – a small application for iOS and Android devices which allows quick and simple information exchange. But how does it really work and what’s so special about it?

The idea is simple: we just need 2 phones (or iPods, tablets etc.) and some information to exchange. A well known scheme, but wait for it… cause here comes magic! You get some cool technology, which comes with a special application on your mobile device.

How does it work?

Until recently, quick information sharing was based mostly on Bluetooth: simple, cheap, easy to use and available on many devices, right? The good thing is that the „easy to use” part was tweaked by Bump Technologies and their Bump application. It allows you to share information (business cards, photos, files etc.) just by bumping two phones. All you have to do is pick a file that you want to share and bump your phone with another. Your „bump” will be send through WiFi, 3G or Edge to the Bump Technologies servers. Then the two phones are paired up and information is sent.

Bump technologies servers get many, many bumps, so how they know which two devices should be matched?

It’s quite simple. Like there are no 2 identical snowflakes, there are no 2 identical bumps. The application uses the phone’s accelerometer and geolocation to „describe” the bump that your phone sensed. Based on that information and using some fancy filtering algorithms, your phone is matched with the phone that experienced same bump in the same area.

Is it worth trying?

Sure, why not? The app is free and what’s most important – it works. The idea of bumping simplifies, extends and speeds up the information sharing process.

Bumping in payments

What about payments?  Bumping Technology is very attractive for quick and easy small amount money transfers, therefore PayPal and Citibank use bump technology in their mobile applications. This allows two users to transfer money from one account to another just by bumping two mobile devices. Quick, easy and comfortable – just like any money transfer should be.

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