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Across The Board – mobile version!

Mobile VersionIn the times of smartphones it was inevitable that a day when we’ll launch Across the Board for mobiles will come…

Well, guess what? It’s today! You can now read your favourite blog on your phone – but in case you want to access the full version, you can always switch it back at the bottom of the page.

Happy browsing!

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What a small company can do in one year? (anniversay infographic)

One company's experience in 2011

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Third place for

Company Blog of the Year 2001, Category: Young BlogWe are proud to announce that Across the Board took 3rd place in the Best Company Blog of the Year 2011 competition, where we started in the Young Blog category.

The competition was organized by a blog about running corporate blogs.

This distinction confirms that it’s possible to write about online payments, credit cards and other related subjects in an interesting way. We also feel encouraged not only to keep our blog on its course, but to seek for new ideas that will help us repeat the success next year.

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New look, better sharing

We’re happy to finish this week with two small updates. The first one is just cosmetics, but if you’re a regular visitor to our blog, you’ll surely notice it.
Yep, we have new icons! Our own, hand drawn ones. And since the blog is called “Across the Board“, we wanted to make the icons look a little like drawn and a whiteboard or a chalkboard. Though we managed to achieve that in big pictures, the effect almost vanished after resizing them to icon-size. Either way, we like the new pictures and hope you’ll like them as well. Notice, that some of the pictures have changed and the new ones are more adequate, which should make it easier to navigate.

The second change should be an even better treat. We changed all the social media buttons. Now it’s easier and more comfortable for you to share our posts with your friends.
So here’s what happened: we got rid of the social buttons on the bottom of all posts. Instead of them you now have a floating box with sharing buttons on each post page. If you find anything interesting , you can promote our blog by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and tumblr.

Update: What’s more, you can now share our posts also on delicious, digg, reddit, Hacker News, via e-mail and everything else you choose using addThis.

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3… 2… 1…


And we’re off!

Yep, today we launch our blog: Across the Board.

We are very proud to announce this fact, though it may seem a little strange. After all, it’s just the beginning, we haven’t written anything yet, so why the pride, right?

Maybe so, but we’ve got lots of ideas to share. And we’re truly excited about it.

We simply can’t wait to fill the blog with some really marvelous content ;)

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