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Credit Card vs Direct Debit Payments

One of the most popular payment methods in some countries (such as German-speaking regions) is direct debit. Let’s compare this payment method to credit card payments…

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Cipher – a stylus with style

Cipher - a credit card shaped stylusHave you ever been frustrated with the inaccuracy of touch screens and your own fingers? Drawing isn’t that easy on a smartphone and sometimes even texting causes some troubles. Especially if you have big fingers and devices, let’s say, under 4 inches. Of course there are styluses, but let’s be honest – if a mobile device doesn’t have a dedicated stylus holder, there’s very little chance anyone will carry it around.

However, what we do carry almost all the time, besides the phone itself, are our wallets. And a wallet always has place for credit and business cards. Now the question is how to join these facts. It turns out that it’s quite comfortable to operate precisely with the corner of such a card.

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Mobile Payments: Rebirth of the Credit Card

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Credit Card Payment vs Wire Transfer

In some countries (such as in CEE) the most popular payment method is still the wire transfer. That’s why when we are talking to customers from this region, most of them are asking about the functionalities regarding payments through this payment method.

That’s why we’ve decided to compare these two payment methods…

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Safe Vacation – How To Pay And Not Lose

The latest hot topic in Poland is travel agents’ problems, which in fact means also problems of people using their services. First Sky Club went bankrupt, then Alba Tour. And right after that, Africano Travel. The news of these companies surprised thousands clients who were halfway through their vacation, thousands of miles away.

Safe Return Home

The priority in such a situation is for the tourists to return home safely. One can hope that the trip’s insurance will cover the costs, but, as recent events have shown, the Foreign Office is of great help with organizing and paying for return journeys.

After finally returning home, another thought comes to mind – lost time and money.  And although no one will make up for the wasted vacation, is there a way to get back the money spent on the trip?

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Card payments security – part 2

CVV codes described in the previous part aren’t the only way to make your transactions secure. There are forms of security, which are based on the payer’s localization. However, you may also come across simpler solutions, where only entered data is verified.

An example of that could be AVS – its mechanism compares your address info given in the shopping order with details of the card holder. Depending on the degree and type of eventual errors, AVS returns an appropriate error code, which are the base of estimating the probability of a fraud. Contrary to appearances, it is not inconvenient to clients – the system can tell the difference between a real scam and a situation when a buyer made a spelling mistake.

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Card payments – glossary

If you are an online payments newbie, no doubt you’re getting lost in all the new expressions, phrases and definitions. That’s why we come to your rescue with this 3-part introduction to payments safety. Today, we set off with CVV2.

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One-click payments at PayLane – case study of Nexto

NextoThe one-click payments method is becoming more and more popular among PayLane’s clients. We allow e-businesses to offer this payment model to their customers. It makes the whole process of online shopping and payments a lot easier, faster and more convenient.

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History of Credit Cards

Would you believe it, if we told you that the first credit card was issued in the…1950s? Or that already in the 20s, department stores offered debit cards to their clients?

Have a look at this great infographic made by to find out more fun facts about payments in the past.

For more such gems, make sure to book our Pinterest page. And if you want to pin one of our blog entries onto Pinterest, just click on the Pin It button on the left side of each page.

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Fresh face of a credit card – Visa redesigns Chase Sapphire

Chase Sapphire PreferredRecently, the owners of the Chase Sapphire Credit Cards (signed by Visa) might have been surprised, finding their new card looking slightly different than they were used to. The 16-digit number, the expiration date and Visa logo were moved to the other side, leaving just the name of the cardholder and the bank on the front.

Redesign is not an easy thing to do. If done carelessly, it may prove hazardous. One may recollect a recent redesign of the Pepsi logo – not received well by the general public. Some concepts and designs are so deeply rooted in people’s minds that even a slight change seems odd and takes quite a long time to get used to. The truth is that there should be a really good reason behind the redesign. It can be done to refresh the brand or to appeal to new markets. It may be done to differentiate oneself from the competition, to enhance usability… Or to stress a unique feature of a new product.

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