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Think global, act local

It is a good slogan not only for social activity but also for running online business. If you’d like your brand to spread around the world think how it works in particular markets. Popularity in many regions can finally bring you closer to global success.

Some products can be universal for every user. Think about computer accessories, music streaming services or electronics. But many businesses have to target their solutions to particular markets. For example e-book stores need to offer books in a local language, written by local authors. File sharing services have to abide by the local law, clothes stores adapt to the local climate etc. This means they understand and meet their clients’ needs. If you know what your users want you are all set. You just need to use this knowledge wisely.

It’s all about the money

When you run a global business you have to take into consideration not only the locality and seasonality of your product but also the difference in behavior and habits of your users. They can navigate your website differently, react to different slogans, prefer different colors or graphics, make decisions based on completely different reasons. Once the internet users decide to purchase your product you can observe other geo-determined behavior: the preferred way of shipping and even a more complex factor: the payment method. Is it a credit card, an e-wallet, a wire transfer, direct debit, a cheque or cash-on-delivery? This is strongly tied to the history of payments in the particular country or/and payment habits. When you sell in the U.S. you have to offer credit cards (American Express for sure) and PayPal; when you go to China, don’t forget China UnionPay, when you sell in Europe…well that’s more complicated. There are a lot of domestic payment methods, depending on a country. In France and the U.K. internet users like credit and debit cards, in the Netherlands you need iDEAL, in Germany – Giropay, in Russia – QIWI, in Poland – wire transfers and so on. So does PayLane.

Five news

This is what you find in PayLane’s portfolio: payment methods popular in particular regions. Thanks to this you don’t need to worry where your customers come from. They can choose from many credit and debit cards, PayPal, direct debit and wire transfers. Some time ago we announced new payment methods for the Polish market – online wire transfers from 9 banks: Bank Millenium, mBank, Credit Agricole, Alior Bank, MultiBank PKO BP, Deutsche Bank, Alior Sync, Inteligo. Today we add five new banks to our list: Bank BPH (GE Capital Group), ING, KB Kredyt Bank, BZ WBK and Getin Bank. But this is not the end! We’re still working to integrate some more. We do that to be more local and make your e-business more global. If you’d like to check how many payment methods we offer just create a test account with us and start processing!

Sociologist and researcher, particularly interested in what happens at the interface between individuals and society, nature and culture. Fan of commercials- claims that ads are Art! Admires pure form in any field of art. At PayLane responsible for good visibility, audibility, readability and brand presence. Thinks about new markets, channels and partners. Open to any form of cooperation. After work - follower of the slow food movement. Always finds time to support NGOs.

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