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Great news today! Open Letter to PayLane’s Partners and Clients

On March 1, 2018 we finally managed to achieve something we have been tirelessly working on for the last couple of months.

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Across the ocean. We’re going to…

We’re building PayLane for about 6 years already. And since the very first day, we have always thought about PayLane as a global company.

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We’re going to help you do global business from Europe

We’re thrilled to inform that today we have officially launched our new project called PayLane Evolve!

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Behind the scenes: Starting at PayLane

Being new means going through certain rituals. Like first getting lost on the elevator between the second and third floor. Getting  a permanent pass instead of a temporary guest ID, choosing the perfect time to go for lunch and still get the sandwich you wanted.

Then you start noticing the air conditioning does not exactly follow the remote control requests. You take sides in the never ceasing argument over blinds in the windows – eternal darkness over supposedly disturbing sun reflections off the screens (seriously, folks, choose light!!!). The copy machine makes you understand that out of its varied and useful functions you may only use the ones that it mercifully decides to offer you on a given day.

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Hooray for PayLane! A 9th Birthday Infographic

January 26th was our 9th birthday! To celebrate this day we’ve created an infographic full of facts from 2013. From the funny and quirky office things to the great new business heights that we’ve reached, this past year was truly a great one.

But our celebration didn’t stop there! Why? Because to commemorate this great day we’ve also launched a brand new website!

This year we published a great book on e-commerce, we’ve become an official payment institution, added more banks to our offer, increased the amount of opened accounts by 784,3% percent since 2012 (that’s 2529 new accounts in 2013 alone!), and traveled more than 20,000 km this year. And those are just the highlights of our year!

Check out how great this years travel through the business universe was:



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Happy Holidays from PayLane!

This Holiday season we want to take the opportunity to say thank you and we wish you nothing but the best in the coming year. May the joy and happiness of this time keep you  warm!holiday card

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Do you speak Spanish?

Well, there is not much to say except… ¡Hola!

PayLane Secure Form

Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world (second or third place, depending on source – 407 millions of people spoke Spanish in 2010 according to Wikipedia) so think of the potential that this market has!

Not only English

It is quite probable that some of your customers are Spanish-speaking people. Or they could be your customers, if you talked to them in their language. I’ve already wrote why it is worth to use customers’ language so now I can just remind the main reasons. English is considered to be an international language, modern lingua franca, but if you want to expand to domestic markets efficiently, you should speak your customers’ mother tongues. Here’s why: …

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How To Quickly Create An Online Store and Integrate A Payment Gateway

So you have decided to start your own online store. Excellent choice. But do you know what type of e-commerce platform to pick? From open source (OS) to dedicated platforms to Software as a Service (SaaS), there is indeed a variety of options to choose from. What is the best solution in your case?

Let’s go through the mentioned options with their pros and cons.

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Automatic Payment Optimizer – a revolutionary solution for big online businesses

If you run an international e-business and sell goods globally, you do your best to make the purchasing process as simple and as fast as possible. When your online business is developing and the number of customers, transactions and revenues is increasing, there is nothing worse than payment limits that can stop you. But sometimes the bank can reject transactions (because of business or customer location, payments method, currencies, etc.). If a consumer lives in the UK and suddenly shops in Japan, the bank can treat it as a fraud transaction, because, for example, such card activity may not correspond with their purchasing history. It’s all in order to ensure the money’s safety. Banks sometimes reject payments when they suspect a card might have been stolen. But it’s a big problem for e-businesses. When a transaction is rejected, you lose money and customers.

How to avoid such problems?

The best way is to create more than one merchant account and integrate them in one clever payment system. And that’s what we prepared: Automatic Payment Optimizer. It is a mechanism that groups all merchant accounts of a given online business and sends money to the right one. If a bank rejects a transaction, APO attempts to send the funds to other bank accounts until it succeeds and receives a positive response. All this happens automatically and takes just a few seconds.

Automatic Payment Optimizer

To try Automatic Payment Optimizer contact PayLane

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Google Checkout – why is it gone and what does it mean for the industry?

What has happened today?

Today (May 21, 2013) Google has announced that they are closing Google Checkout (it will be retired on November 20th, 2013). It came as quite a shock for many merchants, who used to use this payment option. Before I start to comment on that move let’s talk about the history of this product.

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