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Chasing the Ekomers Award

Awards, rankings, competitions. Who doesn’t like to win? And when your brand gets an award, it’s something more than just a medal or a statue. It’s a confirmation that your clients, business partners and fans appreciate your product. And you can be sure that you’re doing a good job developing your online business.

So yes, enlist your company in competitions or rankings. If you don’t win, at least you engage you community in common tasks, bind them with your brand (and if they say out loud to vote for your company, more people will get to know you – a kind of buzz marketing). Do it seriously or funnily – the choice depends on your communication strategy, your sense of humor, type of competition and your audience. Just make sure the communication is consistent with your overall image and suits your brand.

We have chosen the funny way and made a photo session to show how hard we work for our fans’ votes. First we released a PayLane’s team picture:

PayLane team - working hard for the ekomers award

Then we chased the Ekomers Award

chasing the ekomers award

You may think “why the rabbit?”. There’s a Polish saying about chasing a rabbit: it means the way of doing something is equally important to the goal. Now we don’t want to say we don’t achieve our goals, but we also want to show that the whole way can be fun – for us and hopefully for our clients (and they get to see the real faces of PayLane employees).

So if you like it and want to join us in the play, vote for PayLane in the Ekomers Awards. We’re nominated in two categories: Produkt/usługa wspierająca ekspansję międzynarodową e-sklepów (Service that supports international expansion of online shops) and Najlepsze rozwiązanie płatnicze (The best online payment solution). You can vote using Facebook. And while you’re at it, you can also give your vote to our clients as well: GetResponse and Shoplo really want to win in their categories. We all give you BIG THANKS! :)

Vote for PayLane

Sociologist and researcher, particularly interested in what happens at the interface between individuals and society, nature and culture. Fan of commercials- claims that ads are Art! Admires pure form in any field of art. At PayLane responsible for good visibility, audibility, readability and brand presence. Thinks about new markets, channels and partners. Open to any form of cooperation. After work - follower of the slow food movement. Always finds time to support NGOs.

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