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How to Make Money through Payment Service Provider’s Affiliate Programs?

Business partners, clients, fans… Most (if not all) online entrepreneurs have them. It’s what makes their business possible. A lot of businesspeople know perfectly well that their network or fan base can be a golden opportunity to earn additional money.

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10 Tools and Services Essential for Your SaaS

No man is an island, so they say.

It’s impossible for any online business, let alone one with software as a service business model, to exist without various services and tools. Some of the popular ones are new. Some are with us for decades and became a pure necessity (e.g. grandma Domain and grandpa Hosting.)

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Why SEO monitoring is important

Google_HummingbirdAt the end of September Google announced another change of their algorithm. After Panda and Penguin it’s time for Hummingbird. For SEO specialists and business owners who care about visibility in Google search, this always means a moment confusion, planning changes, and then optimization. Especially that it was launched about a month before the official announcement. So those who saw changes in their search results now have an explanation – Hummingbird.

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3 reasons why video marketing pays off

marketing, videoMarketing is a very broad and open topic that can cover pretty much anything. However, it’s the job of every good analyst to know exactly what pays off. In this post we are going to explore the three main reasons why videos are becoming so popular and worthwhile in marketing and branding.

First there was Twitter and Facebook where sharing your short thoughts was a great way to provoke customers in engaging with companies, then we had Instagram which brought on the era of imagery and visualizations, and at last we’ve moved onto videos with YouTube, Vine, MixBit and now even Instagram Videos. According to a Youon Infographic a page with just text will be looked at for an average of 48sec whereas a page with a video can drive up to 5 min and 50 sec on a website!

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5 ways to work less and get more customers

more customers, computer, e-commerce

Every seller’s dream is to have as much traffic that generates buys, as possible. However, achieving this is not as easy as it seems. A lot of people spent enormous amounts of money on advertising, all in order to bring more customers to their website. Why is it then, that the average rate of e-commerce conversion is somewhere between 1-5%? What are store owners doing wrong? 

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Chasing the Ekomers Award

Awards, rankings, competitions. Who doesn’t like to win? And when your brand gets an award, it’s something more than just a medal or a statue. It’s a confirmation that your clients, business partners and fans appreciate your product. And you can be sure that you’re doing a good job developing your online business.

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Should You Adjust Your Product To Specific Markets?

After months of preparations, countless hours spent working and analysing, you finally create your product. It has taken a lot of effort to get it done and you want to market it in the best possible way. The question is – should you keep your product the same for all countries or should you adjust it to specific markets?

Take PayLane for example. As you probably know, we offer online payments. Most people associate it with credit cards and they’re right. But (there’s always a but!) if you run an e-shop, you know very well that accepting just credit card payments is not enough, especially if you have multinational customers from around the world. And since, as cliché as it may sound, we really do want to help out our clients boost their business, we do everything to make it happen. That’s why we adjust our services according to the market’s needs.

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Yes, Even The Most Boring Businesses Can Have Fun Marketing Actions!

Let’s face it, online payments is a boring business. Hell, I’m guessing some of you have already closed the tab now that you’ve learnt this post will be about it. If you’re still here though, do stay, cause we have something unusual to share with you…

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10 Rules Of Social Media Etiquette You Might Want to Follow

Social media is a piece of cake, right? All you do is post, tweet or like, retweet, comment, follow and unfollow. There are no rules since it’s all anonymous (or at least safe from in front of your screen)… Well, maybe in theory. Assuming you want to use social media not for trolling, but to actually have conversations or meet interesting people, you might want to follow a few simple (and one might even say obvious) rules.

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Jeff Bezos on brands and reputation

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

— Jeff Bezos

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