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MOTO Payments – How To Do It Right?

Every day more and more people are using the internet for an ever-expanding branch of online purchases, starting from hotel room booking, airline tickets, clothes or even pizza delivery, you name it.

The push towards online payments is much more stronger and there is an array of options we have at our disposal. One of the most popular methods is credit card payment and you surely know the drill. You hit the website or mobile application, enter credit card data and all necessary information and finally click PAY.

However, it may happen that you need to make a payment in less favorable conditions, for instance during the travel when you don’t have the internet access. Or you simply feel more comfortable talking to another person than trusting a machine. And in such situations, MOTO payment comes at handy. All you need to do is to call a certain company dealing with MOTO and give the person on the other side of the phone your credit card number. There is also an alternative of ordering such payment via email, however Mail Order requires the internet access and typing in the credit card details, which is impossible if you haven’t got a smartphone or a computer with you or if there is no internet access.

As opposed to Mail Order, Telephone Order occurs frequently, especially in travel and insurance industries. Once you’ve found the company offering MOTO services, the rest is plain sailing. You call there and speak to a consultant, he asks you for your credit card data which you dictate on the phone. Then the data is entered directly into the company’s system, the transaction is confirmed and you are informed about the payment status. No hurdle, just smooth payment within a few minutes.

At first glance, it seems amazing. In fact, you’re right, it is. It carries a bit more risk than a standard online payment but it’s easy to avoid it. What’s the slight inconvenience? Well, you give your credit card data to a person on the other side of the phone. But the intention of this text is not to put you in a blue funk but to make you aware that MOTO payments are perfectly safe and very little risk that may occur can be avoided with pretty simple means.

Safety measures for the MOTO Seller


Before you employ any candidate for the position of a telephone consultant, make sure he or she is properly trained. They will bear responsibility for other people’s data so you want them to follow all the data privacy rules. That’s why you should choose your staff wisely and train them meticulously. Your clients will appreciate it and trust you.

Clear privacy rules

Be loud and clear when it comes to the privacy rules. Your employees should enter credit card data directly into an online payment form without going through any indirect additional systems. Teach them to give external websites a wide berth. Such simple step ensures protection and secrecy of any payment details.

Customer service protocol

Set out clear customer service pattern and instill it into your employees. Pay attention to the way your customers are cared for and enhance the privacy and safety. You can advise your employees to enter clients’ data into the online form, without writing it down somewhere. The staff also shouldn’t repeat out loud the credit card data they hear on the phone from a client, since the client shares such details in secrecy and you want to keep it that way. It’s also a good idea to disable the call recording for the moment of giving the credit card details, your customer will surely appreciate such care.

Cutting-edge Telephone Order System

If you prefer not to trust employees with credit card data of your clients, go for a tailor-made system for processing telephone order payments. It could ‘understand’ the credit card number a client dictates over the phone and enter it directly into an online payment form. Smoothly and safely. Your customers couldn’t be more protected.

What if you are a customer looking for a reliable MOTO seller? There are several factors you should pay attention to.

Safety measures for the customer

Call recording

Before making a decision about a certain MOTO seller, make a little reconnaissance. Start with checking if your call is being recorded. Although it’s fine to record the small-talk, recording you at the moment of dictating credit card data is rather unnecessary. Don’t hesitate to choose a payment processor which offers you such option.

Too many details

Generally, all the data MOTO requires is your credit card number. Demanding from you CVV/CVC number implies that something suspicious may happen to your money. At that point reconsider your MOTO processor choice. Also, never give your 3d secure password or any other password. It’s not necessary for a successful telephone order payment. Keep a sharp eye on anyone asking you for such information and go for a trusted company that explains every step of the MOTO way to you and asks you only for a few vital credit card details.

Transaction status

Telephone order is a convenient way of payment partly because the payment status is known instantly. All credit card transactions are performed in the real-time, hence you should immediately get feedback on the payment. How marvelous does it sound? So every MOTO processor consultant should be happy to give you the transaction result in a blink of an eye. If a given consultant is hesitant or delays the answer, you may want to have a closer look. There is the possibility that something might have gone not as well as it should. In order to be always protected and safe, ask for the transaction status waiting time in advance, before giving any payment information. Depending on the answer, you’ll know if a given MOTO processor can be trusted.

Consultant’s surrounding

During the call, there should be the perfect silence so every word is heard clearly. A consultant gets your message in an instant and proceeds with the payment order. That’s how convenient and time-saving MOTO is. If a call doesn’t look like I’ve described, you should verify the chosen processor, especially if you hear some noises on the other side of the phone.

Although the threat of fraud is rather detached from reality and such safety measures may seem excessive, when it comes to the online safety, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you choose your MOTO processor carefully and responsibly, MOTO will become the only way you’d like to pay. Imagine yourself on a vacation, no computer, no internet, no work-related matters. You’re thinking about buying something? Just grab a phone and let other people do the job while you’re enjoying the peace of mind.


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