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MOTO Payments – How To Do It Right?

Every day more and more people are using the internet for an ever-expanding branch of online purchases, starting from hotel room booking, airline tickets, clothes or even pizza delivery, you name it.

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Why Would Your Company Need MOTO Payments?

MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) is one of the order taking ways offered by PayLane. It basically stands for accepting credit and debit cards by phone or via e-mail order. What are the benefits? What type of businesses is it tailored to?

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What can be even more convenient than paying over the internet?

We’ve all left 2011 behind. This was a good year for Paylaners. Hope it was for you too.

Along with 2012 and New Year’s resolutions came a nice surprise – a few free days extra. Heritage from 2011. Naturally, I wanted to use them.

Took a globe, closed my eyes and pointed a random holiday destination. Wish me luck!

Well, not really, I just googled. Thailand? Why not?

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