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Why SEO monitoring is important

Google_HummingbirdAt the end of September Google announced another change of their algorithm. After Panda and Penguin it’s time for Hummingbird. For SEO specialists and business owners who care about visibility in Google search, this always means a moment confusion, planning changes, and then optimization. Especially that it was launched about a month before the official announcement. So those who saw changes in their search results now have an explanation – Hummingbird.


SEO and search engines

But no matter which algorithm Google uses, when driving SEO you need to monitor results. There are tons of tools you can use, to mention a few: SEOmoz, ahrefs, SEOmonitor, or Positionly. Why are they useful?

Because through them you can track and analyze many aspects of Search Engine Optimization, see the results, and be up-to-date with all changes. That gives you the opportunity to react fast and optimize actions any time. Let’s get deeper into the SEO monitoring tool and what it can give, based on a case study of Positionly.



Using the Positionly tool you can check website rankings for keywords in all the major search engines worldwide: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. You can also analyze backlinks that a particular website receives and evaluate their quality. What’s more you can track their competitors along with their domain.

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated

To make your work easier rather than more complicated, all online solutions should be simple and intuitive. Simplicity was definitely the drive behind creating the Positionly application. To set up your account you just prepare a list of keywords connected to your business, then group them by topic. This way you can monitor a set of phrases you positioned for your business and website. Add your competitors, this will help you react on their actions. Now you’re ready to measure the search engine marketing campaign’s performance. To have full control you can also use their iOS application and a keyword mixer which helps with new keyword research.

Monitoring is key

Whatever marketing promotion or communication you undertake – monitor it. This is to be sure that you spent your budget well and to react to changes fast, this also refers to SEO. You don’t know the hour or the day that Google will decide to change their algorithm yet again, but you can see the results immediately and can optimize your SEO if it does happen. To try now, we have something extra for you, a 15% discount for SEO tracking through the Positionly tool

How to use the promo code?

Just start with trail version of Positionly and when you’re ready to use whole functionality of the SEO tool, upgrade your account using the PayLane promo code: PayLane2014.

Now, you’ll get 15% off for SEO tracking for life!

Here is what the form looks like and what you need to look for:

positionly discount

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