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Cross Border and Mobile Commerce Infographic

E-commerce? M-commerce? A research! Our partner – PayPal – has just shared an insightful infographic on the ins and outs of cross border selling and mobile commerce.

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4 Payment Methods that Sell Your Products

Famously, nodding your head in Bulgaria means “no”, while shaking means “yes”. Well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. But there are different patterns in the ways people pay online as well – make sure you are ready to handle all of them!

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Why Shopping Abroad Costs Less According To PayPal


Collaborating with PayPal came a great report about why exactly shopping abroad has become so popular. PayPal checked a series of products available in popular online shops in USA, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, China and several CEE markets. According to collected data in 2012/2013 China became one of the most popular online shopping destinations, placing ahead of USA and joining EU. In Europe, UK and Germany gained most credit and became relevant destinations for online acquisitions.

According to PayPal’s data, the biggest increase was posted when it came of payments towards UK stores, up 32% compared to previous year, while the ones made towards Chinese e-stores increased by 28%. The same growth was seen when it comes of payments made through PayPal by Polish users in German stores – up to 28%.

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Polish PayPal Mobile Shopping Infographic

Our partners at PayPal have created this great infographic with a little insight into what mobile shopping in Poland looks like. Click to view a larger image!


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Using Payment Methods to Make Customers Return

People often think that providing as many payment methods as possible is good, because customers can choose their favorite one. This should mean that the income will be greater; fewer people get discouraged by the lack of the payment method they prefer. Sounds logical, but it’s actually a minimal plan and there’s no guarantee it will work in every case.

If we try to go beyond the “convince to buy” approach, what is there that we might want to achieve? The first thing that comes in mind is “convince to buy again“. Make your customers become your regular customers. And how is it exactly related to payment methods?

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About Blizzard Entertainment and PayPal

Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Entertainment, producer of epic game series such as Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft and owner of biggest online gaming service is partner with PayPal. PayPal will be added as a payment method on platform and will be payment service partner for the auction house in upcoming Diablo III. I think that was a natural course of things because, according to PayPal, over 70% of gamers are their clients.

This “news” is not that new, but it is worth mentioning, since Blizzard recently announced new feature called Balance.

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Manage PayPal along with other payments using one service

When talking about online payments, almost everybody mention PayPal sooner or later. It just happens to be a common association. And no wonder, PayPal recently scored 100 million active accounts. With such numbers it’s surely not to be ignored and that’s why we now offer all PayPal services at PayLane.

But being a merchant you’ll probably ask how’s using PayPal with PayLane better than using it directly? It’s actually a very important question. So here are the benefits.

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