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How to set a good price for your web product?

A good price doesn’t mean a low price. The price of your web product or service can’t be too high, because no one will pay that much, but it can’t be too low, because you won’t earn enough money on it. It has to be the right price for you, your business and your customers.

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How your Out of the Office message should look like?

See how to handle queries from you clients with a successful out-of-office message.

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Thinking about innovation? We’ve got 4 tips for you

We’re all thinking about innovations. We’re all looking for something that will amaze the world around us. Let’s talk about innovations today.

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What Is E-Commerce? (An Infographic)


To ease into the weekend and let your minds breathe, we have a wonderful infographic by Miva Merchant. Most “normal” people have an idea of what e-commerce is and what it does, but what is it REALLY capable of? Read statistics and definitions that will explain (with great design, of course) exactly what goes into e-commerce.

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Reduce Shopping Cart Abandoment With Single-Click Buys

There are two things that e-business owners hate, one -abandoned shopping cards and two – people not returning to their business (granted, the two do correlate). Now there may be various factors going exactly into why this is happening, but there is one factor that could be solved with ease: the shopping process. There are various online stores that bombard their potential customers with long check out forms, multistage shopping carts, and incredibly hard to understand commands. It’s more than tiresome when you’re trying to just buy one product and you have to go through what seems like 100 light years worth of pages and boxes to fill out. The more you think about it, the more you realize you’d rather be looking for a different website with what you need than checking out here. This is why one-click payments were created! To make shopping less annoying and more conversion oriented.

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Trustworthy E-commerce Website – Infographic

infographic kissmetrics

Having an e-commerce website is not just about making sure that you have more customers, you sell lots of products, or that your website looks trendy. E-commerce first and foremost is based on safety. KISSmetrics created a great infographic to show a couple steps in making your business the best it can be for your customers and you! Check out this Road Map for a Trustworthy E-commerce Website:

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Businessman vs. Consumer Rights


As we enter the month of March, it is only right that we prepare for March 15th as that’s when the World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated. This day marks the date on which President John F. Kennedy first outlined what are Consumer Rights, and what we have known them to be since 1962. During the Presidents’ speech, he outlined four basic consumer rights: to inform, to choose, the right to safety, and the right to representation.

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Hashtags – the ultimate social media marketing tool

social media, marketing, hashtags, twitter

Hashtags are a great social media marketing tool that many businesses dismiss simply because it reminds them of something that teenage girls use on Instagram. The truth is, hashtags are an underappreciated marketing campaign tool. Using them the right way can bring in traffic and new customers to any business.

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Mobile Commerce in UK and US – Infographic

Considering focusing more on Mcommerce? Here’s a great infographic to see how the mobile commerce market is growing in the UK and US.

Mcommerce in UK and US

Embed this infographic on your website:

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Expand to Europe’s Most Dynamic eCommerce Market!

Back in October we introduced wire transfers in Polish banks, which are crucial when running business in Poland. For many of you it had no significance as your business operates only in the UK, France, the Netherlands or Portugal, and you have no plans to try new markets. However, the latest Polish eCommerce report will no doubt make you reconsider your expansion plans – let us present to you some of the most interesting and impressive facts about this market from recent years and the expected figures for the near future.

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